Geek Speak: Hell hath no fury!

Like a teenage witch hit with a spitball apparently. This started with a drawing of a little witch sitting in one of those awful desks that kids get wedged into from elementary through middle school. I got the idea after I’d already drawn Amelia at her desk in one of my smaller sketchbooks, so it was a challenge to try to draw her again. Not long after I started working on this comic strip these characters started to take on a life of their own. I don’t want to say anything definite, yet, but look for there to be more of Amelia.

This was originally going to be a final post on WonderCon, but after so much time everything that took place at the convention in April has kind of (or completely) lost its immediacy, if not its relevancy. That and the finishing work on this strip damn near killed me. I don’t work with color too terribly often, so it’s pretty rough, but I wanted her magic to be something…well…magical.

Tales from the Dad Zone

It is not my intention to turn this into a daddy blog. There are other, better blogs out there in the world for that. Despite my best intentions, I don’t think I’ll be able to help it creeping in. Fatherhood is such a huge part of my life, and occupies so much of my thinking right now. Plus, were it not for one of my little ones, the strip above might not have happened.

I was feeling pretty bleak about the prospects of my being able to continue with any creative endeavor, let alone the strip. There are so many demands on my time between the job and the family that I just had started to feel like it would be best to put away the pencils, the pens, and the sketchbooks and focus on providing as much security for my family as is within my power. These thoughts and darker swirled around in the space between my ears that I charitably call my mind as I was doing dishes and I progressively felt more like shit.

In the midst of my preparations for artistic seppuku I heard my daughter walk up behind me, which is not altogether unusual when I’m in the kitchen.

“Daddy,” she said, “Daddy this yours. This yours, daddy.”

I turned around my daughter was looking at me very seriously and holding out…my sketchbook. The very thing I had just been thinking about putting away and never touching again.

“This yours daddy.”

I took it from her and thanked her. She said, “you’re welcome” and then flitted off somewhere to do the important work that all three year old children know is the stuff that binds the universe together.

She left me standing in the kitchen, holding my sketchbook, stunned by what had just happened. That day I sat down and started drawing new strips. By the end of the weekend I had completed the pencils for six new strips. I don’t know if my daughter is magic, or that was some kind of amazing cosmic coincidence, but in her small way, whether she meant to or not, my daughter reminded me that I can never give up.