Geek Speak: Like, Totally Spying or Whatever

The overreach of NSA surveillance has been in the media spotlight long enough now that most of the shine has worn away and the national appetite for controversy and drama is naturally turning back to TMZ and whatever the Kardashians are doing this week. Even so, there are some things in the story about the NSA surveillance system pulling in all of our phone calls and text messages. What are they really getting? Probably about a billion text messages a day that contain the letter “k” and nothing else. They might get the occasional “sext” message, which would be good for about five minutes of levity, and probably a welcome break from the mind melting boredom of sifting through all the meaningless bullshit people send each other on a daily basis. I’m sure somewhere in there are the gossip messages pulling the curtain back on the high-school dating scene with all of its sophistication and depth.