Geek Speak: Companion Animals

With this comic I have crossed a milestone, or two. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve posted two comics in *gasp* one month since July of last year. How do I know this for sure? Because this snazzy new website has an honest-to-goodness archive! So, the first of the major milestones we’re crossing is the launch of the new website. Huzzah! Hurray! It’s about goddamned time! There will be tweaks made to the website as I go, but this is the new home of Geek Speak Comics. 

The second major milestone is reaching the conclusion of this Ted and Wuffles story line. It’s been a long, long time coming (which you can now see for yourself in the aforementioned archive). Wuffles has found a home, Ted is sobering up and starting to come to terms with the reality of his ability to understand animals, and Francis’ boots are full of dog pee. All is right in the world of Ted and Wuffles.

I feel like I needed to get Ted and Wuffles out of my system so I could go do some other things for a while. From here I’m going to work on some strips in my family series, some one-off strips, and some strips in the world of Sam, Mark, and Steve.

New Website!

For the longest time I had been maintaining Geek Speak in my trusty Blogger page, The Adventures of Normal Guy. It was fine for being able to get my work out into the public sphere, but it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to tell new readers how they could find my content, and then read through previous comics. Blogger just doesn’t support webcomic navigation or any kind of meaningful archive. It was like telling someone to look for a specific issue of the Uncanny X-Men in a drawer full of co-mingled newspapers, comic books, and magazines. You’ll find what you’re looking for if you stick with it, but why bother? You can always just go to the comic book store and easily find another title to read that doesn’t involve sifting through someone’s disorganized toy chest. The new website is an attempt to bring order to the chaos, and to try and reach some new readers. Baby steps though. Right now, it’s enough that I have the comic, an archive, my own domain name, and page about me, but I’ll add more to this site in the coming weeks.