It is Better to Have Loved and Lost…

“Loved” might be a little strong here, but “it is better to have admired from afar and done nothing than…” doesn’t have the same dramatic punch, nor can I really think of a good way to end the sentence. The sentiment just gets lost.

Horrible dad-joke though it may be there is a grain of truth in this strip. When I was in high-school there was a young woman in my class who was at least six-foot-four. She was taller than pretty much everyone in our class. She was an athlete, and very fit, and while I certainly found her attractive, that is where reality branches away from the strip. Although taller women are my type (mildly sensational has two-inches-and a bit on me) I didn’t have a crush on her. That part is fabricated for the sake of the joke. Sure, we crossed paths occasionally, and our limited exchanges were never unfriendly, but there was never a “click” or a “spark” there, and that’s totally fine. Honestly, I was such a knucklehead at that age I doubt I would have recognized a “spark” if it caught my clothes on fire.

In the end, all of this is just to say, while there is a nugget of truth to be found in here, but it’s all about the dad-jokes.

Away from Things for a Bit


I lost momentum a little bit here, making comics. I think, for the tens of people who do follow me, that deserves a bit of an explanation. See I slipped into a fugue state a week or two ago, I’m not really sure, time turned kind of funny on me for a while. The fugue was brought on by an illness I contracted ages ago, and apparently took ten years to fully incubate. That illness…is Fallout 3, the post-apocalyptic role-playing game, by Bethesda.

Video games are fun, and I like playing them, but since having kids, it’s not something I get to indulge much. Plus there are other things I can do with my time that are, arguably, better. Let’s say…drawing a comic strip, for example. If I get invested in a video game it pulls time away from doing that, from writing a dungeons and dragons game for my kids, and other things.

The other problem is that once I start playing, I have to keep playing. If I stop, if I let myself return my focus to other pursuits. If I set the game down, I’m done. I’ll never get back to it. If I ever do it will have been so long since I last played the game that I will have forgotten everything about how to play, where I was, what the next objectives were, and I will have to start over from the beginning. If you’ve never played a big sandbox RPG before…oh my god…starting over from the beginning is an intimidating prospect.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I plan to feature this in an upcoming comic.