Gift Gremlins

It might be a little late for this to be considered timely, but at least it is still marginally seasonal. My wife and I are lucky to have kids who, at this point, aren’t getting us up before the sun to open presents on Christmas. Do they still come in earlier than we would like? Yes, but at least there is light coming through the blinds when they do. The trade off for that is, when they do come in, they are very‚Ķinsistent.

This year was a quiet Christmas at home. Which was nice. We have had the occasional Christmas adventure. Last year we went into the mountains to have our Christmas in a rented cabin getaway, but a blizzard chased us out before we could finish the week. Five years ago we traveled out of state to visit family for the holidays and that was an ordeal that included four head colds, one stomach virus, two trips the emergency room, one missed flight, and a partridge in a pear tree. Sometimes it’s nice to get away, but this year was a reminder that it’s just as important to have peace and quiet at home.

I hope your holidays were great, and wish you all the best in the coming New Year (2021).