Beet Greens are the Most Ominous of all Leafy Greens

I knew when I wrote the strip just prior to this one that I would want Existential Dale to appear in more than just the single strip. The design of the character cemented that. In my first pass at drawing Dale he had the horns, the tail, the wings, and the bulbous, striped nose. Something felt like it was missing, after a messing around with it for a little while I drew some leafy greens on his head. It made me laugh, so that’s what I went with. Dale is really very proud of the greens he wears on his head, and drawing out his indignation at having them questioned was fun. I think it adds to his charm. He may be the personification of existential dread, but there’s an innocence to him that’s kind of disarming.

I actually enjoy beets and their greens. The whole vegetable isn’t just tasty, it’s fun. The greens are great seasoned and cooked in olive oil with garlic and pine nuts. The beets themselves I like roasted and sliced with some soft cheese like feta or mozzarella. The fact that eating beets will turn your pee orange or purple is a fun bonus, and something I delight in not telling people who are eating them for the first time. You find your fun where you can.

The Meaning of Time, or the Lack Thereof

As we now head into a full year of living with the pandemic, staying physically distant, and generally separated from others, time has become a little, as the good Doctor might say, wibbly-wobbly. Before all of us went home and started living our lives in the confines of whatever domiciles shelter us from the elements, we had touchstones that marked the change from one day to the next, and week to week. We might have joked that the days were blurring together. That was before we started renaming the days. Yesterday is no longer “Saturday” it’s “Pastday,” today is “Nowsday,” and tomorrow is “Nexturday.”