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Aug 22Geek Speaking the Game of Rimming the Pacific
Aug 28Geek Speaking on Opening the Night with Mark Crilley
Sep 10Geek Speaking while Dungeoning the Dragons of Madness
Oct 29Geek Speaking the Horror of Noms


Jan 1Random Geek Speaking of Hobos Moving Up
Jan 12Geek Speaking of Heroic Random Trek
Jan 26Geek Speaking of Doctor Dolittle’s Whovian Collection
Feb 9Geek Speaking of Dragons and the Existential Conundrum
Feb 14Geek Speaking of Coffee for Cartoon Heroes
Mar 6Geek Speaking of Stockholm with a Side of Happy Music
Apr 9Geek Speaking of Spy Stuff, Like, for Sure
Jun 10Geek Speaking of Three Year Old Intuition


Jan 28Geek Speaking of Random Boobies
Feb 16Geek Speaking of Cowboy Science
Mar 3Geek Speaking of Feeling the Thunderer
Mar 25Geek Speaking of Spiders in the Dad Zone
Jul 5Geek Speaking of Wet Nosed Dreams
Jul 16Geek Speaking of Booze Hound
Jul 30Geek Speaking of Regurgitating Comics
Aug 13Geek Speaking of Upchucking Pink Ponies
Oct 15Geek Speaking of Showering Hard Drive Failures
Nov 12Geek Speaking of Geres of Snore


Feb 17Geek Speak of Iron Brain Fortresses
May 19Geek Speaking of Random French Wuffles
Sep 5Geek Speaking About Anxiety Views
Sep 25Geek Speaking of Animal Companions
Oct 23Geek Speaking of Superhero Lunch Hour
Dec 4Geek Speaking of Muslim Americans